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Don't Whisper about Hull's Broadband services be Quick and Shout about it!. It enables you to freely have lots of devices connected to your network at the same time. Not just laptops and PCs due to your huge internet bandwidth speeds available from WIFI, ADSL, Fibre, and 4G

Fixed I.P. address

Usually if you require a fixed I.P. it cost you extra each month to keep it. As standard you will get one with us, this can help if you have a server a keen gamer and maybe have an I.P. CCTV system. Order your Wi-Fi broadband in Hull today.

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We Let the Others do the Talking

"I am a very satisfied broadband customer and great to get all the services I need in one place. It's good to get a choice of Hull broadband companies."

Flex Maintenance - Richard Blowman
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